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SIEMENS ARCHITECTURE offer full architectural services.  From initial brief we will accompany you through:

  • feasibility

  • design

  • planning

  • building regulations

  • tender

  • construction

  • contract administration

  • we even like to follow up long after hand over.


  • Good design.  From the subtle to the grand, good architectural design benefits all aspects of life.  Rather than being imposed, good design results from listening to you and then blending your needs and desires with the opportunities of site and context.

  • Harmony with nature.  From the outset our designs consider the most natural ways to make a building sustainable:

    • Orientation: taking advantage of the sun for natural light, heating, and even cooling.

    • Topography: responding to the natural lay of the land to make foundations, drainage, insulation, etc. as efficient as possible.

    • Local: making maximum use of natural, local building materials and cooperating with local craftsmen and suppliers.

    • Longevity: designing and detailing to maximise the life expectancy of the building and all its components.

    • Versatility: considering and designing for future use.

    • Spatial requirements: making maximum efficient use of space.

    • We are also experienced with Passivhaus and renewable technologies.

  • You.  Above all else we believe that you - the inhabitant of the building - needs to remain at the heart of the design and build process and not be forgotten amidst all the targets and details.



Please have a look at some of our work, find out more about us, and be in touch if you need architectural services of any kind. 

Background images

 Desktop + Tablets: a design for a bespoke house on a restrained site in Pacific Grove, California.  Continue scrolling down past the testimonials for a clear view.  There is more information toward the bottom of the works page under the heading 'Work Samples'.

Mobile: Upper Lodge, Bath; a bespoke passivhaus design completed in 2022, featured at the top of the works page

Brilliant architectural service in 2024!
Thanks Derek for the super prompt service - and saving me from the challenges of running a planning application for Newport Council on my own. Much appreciated.

Martin Shervington

Residential Client - conservation area

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